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~Lady B. Couture~
Weekly Trunk Show Sale

~Lady B. Couture~ 
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~B. a PupScout Accessories Collection~
PupScouts - As seen on National TV - "Spoiled Rotten Pets" NatGeoWild
Dogs and their human parents, who come together to give back to their community.
The Life of a PupScout - We like wearing our uniforms, saying our pledge, earning badges, making new friends, raising money for dogs & humans in need - and we like to have fun!!
PupScouts motto is to help the dog community and make humans smile!
Your dog can be a PupScout too

 Coming Soon from ~Lady B. Couture~!!!!
"No Boundaries Line"

~For the Rugged Canine~

PawVogue VID Shoppers Sale 20% off selected designs. Please go to site for select designs. 

~Lady Luxe~ The Collection for the Most Deserving Pet~
Lady B.'s Newest Design
 ~Lady Mer Dorée~ "Golden Sea"



Jump into Fall with
~Frou Frou Tini~
from the
~B. Tini Collection~





~Lady Framboise Fantaisie~ 
"Raspberry Fantasy"
 ~Lady Framboise Fantaisie~
~Winter Wonderland Collection~
Debuts for Holiday 2014
~Lady Chocolat Glacee~  "Icy Chocolate"
Chic Knit Harness ensembles!!!

~Lady Santorin~

 Paw Bag

 ~Lady Santorin~ "Santorini"
Ensemble from the ~International Collection~

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 ~Lady Le Joli Chat~ "Pretty Cat"


 ~Lady L'Elephant Violet~

~Lady Girafe Rose~


~Lady B. Couture~
introduces her latest designs in her

~Bollywood Collection~
~Lady Taj Mahal~


~Lady Mumbai~
 ~Lady Lotus~
~Lady Bombay~

~Lady B. Couture~
introducing her newest and most coveted collection

~Lady Luxe~
For the Most Deserving of Pets

~Plumes de Fantaisie~
"Fancy Feathers"




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"Bonjour & Bienvenue" 


~Lady B. Welcomes you to her world of Canine Fashion.~ Please take a look at her latest Collections of Couture and Fine Accoutrements for the very Discriminating Canine.~

Lady B. on bed with candy wrappers in hair.jpg 

~~"Lady B.", "Lady C." (aka Chanel) and "Manfred" of Sweden Surrounded by legal blondes!!~~


Meniscus Magazine

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Pooch-Filled Party Kicks Off Pet Fashion Week

The colors pink and blonde ruled the evening at the Pet Fashion Week launch party on Aug. 17 co-sponsored by “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” but the event’s biggest stars were its dogs.

Amidst a crowd of Elle Woods sorority sister look-alikes, a silent auction of pet goods that included a luxury recliner with rhinestones, and even a serene VIP Lounge, the pooches stole the show decked out in imaginative outfits from Ed Hardy designer wear to pink sunglasses.

In its second year, Pet Fashion Week features an array of creations at a trade event, live styling demonstrations and even fashion shows with canines taking the runway.

Proceeds from the charity fundraiser benefited the Mayor’s Alliance for New York City’s Animals. For more information about the program, go to


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all photos by Yuan-Kwan Chan